Custom Flight Cables


McFarlane is DOD certified (QML listed) to fabricate flight cable assemblies to MIL-DTL-6117 specifications or we can manufacture to your specifications. McFarlane flight cables with standard AN or MS type fittings are pre-stretched and proof loaded in accordance with MIL-DTL-5688. Cables using nonstandard fittings are proof loaded and pre-stretched when possible, but cannot be certified to the MIL-DTL-5688 or MIL-DTL-6117 standards.


McFarlane can also manufacture and certify cable assemblies to the NAS302 through NAS310 standards. Cable assemblies requiring special non-standard terminals can be made quickly to your data or old cable using our precision machine shop, inspection system, and quality controlled processes. Several industry standard corrosion preventative coatings are also available. Our experienced engineering staff is available to develop cables for unique applications.


Traceability of all materials and tests are maintained for our flight cables. Our extensive stock of cable and fittings allows us to provide expedited delivery to support our customers for most orders.

  • Pre-stretched and proof loaded to MIL-DTL-5688
  • Manufactured using the same materials and attention to quality as our FAA-PMA cables  
  • McFarlane is a D.O.D. QML-6117 approved cable supplier


Custom flight cable design forms are available below, or you can send us your old cable with a signed statement requesting us to duplicate the cable. Custom cable assemblies are manufactured using the same materials and attention to quality as our FAA-PMA products, however custom flight cables are not FAA-PMA approved.


To order a custom flight cable, select the appropriate design form below. Print the form, fill out the required information, and fax, email or mail it to McFarlane. Please include your address, phone number, and shipping/payment instructions with all orders. Pricing will be provided upon receipt of specifications or a pattern. 


If you have any questions regarding custom flight cables, call Kelli Bishop at 866-920-2741 ext. 313, or email her at


Design Forms:


McFarlane's Cable Swaging Machines

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