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McFarlane Trim Tab Actuator For Cessna Aircraft

The known problems of original parts have been addressed and resolved with McFarlane’s new design!

Buy new, or send yours in for service or repair. 

P/N MC1260074-1


  • Save hundreds $$$
  • Black Max™ coated stainless screw for wear and corrosion resistance 
  • Aluminum/bronze inner barrel prevents sub-zero lockup
  • Anodized sprocket resists chain wear
    • Save hundreds $$$ with PMA repair parts for your actuator



New FAA-PMA assembly only $1,607.03 plus $150 core ($1,757.03 outright)  

  • Save hundreds $$$
  • In stock and ready to go
  • Stronger metals and longer lasting coatings for increased service life
  • Cores are accepted in any condition, as long as they are complete 

1000 Hour Service per Cessna SE73-25 or service manual - $595


  • Disassemble, clean, inspect, reset backlash, test, lubricate, and return to service
  • Includes new housing, sintered bearings, groove pins, O-rings, and nuts
  • Additional replacement parts available
  • Complies with Service Bulletin SEB07-6


If you have any questions regarding this service, call Kellie Capps at 866-920-2741 ext. 427 or email her at

Original Trim Tab Actuator may be sent to Kellie's attention at McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006.







Trim Tab Screw Assembly
for Cessna Caravan
  • Save $$$
  • Greatly improved design


P/N MC2661215-8 Trim tab screw assembly fits all 208 and 208B aircraft when equipped with 2661215-9, 2661615-10 or 2661615-13 trim tab actuators.

P/N MCS3895-1 Needle roller bearing fits all 208 and 208B aircraft


McFarlane has developed a direct replacement trim tab screw assembly that incorporates many design improvements. Stronger metals and longer lasting coatings are utilized for increased service life and smoother operation with improved corrosion resistance.


The Screw Assembly is manufactured using high strength stainless steel alloy that has been nitrocarburized for maximum wear, low friction, smoother thread operation, and greatly improved corrosion protection over the OEM part.


McFarlane’s precision machining significantly reduces the unwanted play found in OEM assemblies. The known problems of original parts have been addressed and resolved with our new design!   

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