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Custom Seat Rails



McFarlane can fabricate custom seat rails to your specifications when replacements are no longer available or for special applications. We manufacture high quality custom cargo and seat rails built to customer provided specifications, utilizing the same stringent manufacturing and quality processes as we do with our PMA rails. This provides our customers with proven technology that delivers the product on time, on budget, with superior corrosion resistance and added strength. We have a variety of extrusions available for use in your design, as well as state of the art CNC machines for precision cuts and finish. Custom seat rails are not FAA-PMA approved. The user must obtain the proper FAA approvals to use our custom seat rails on certificated aircraft. 
For more information, please view the Custom Seat Rail and/or the Custom Brownline Design Forms. 
If you have any questions regarding custom seat rails, call Kelli or Randy at 866-920-2741 ext. 289, or email them at Original patterns may be sent to the Custom Department's attention at McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006. Completed design forms may be faxed, emailed or mailed to McFarlane.

Seat Rail Extrusion

Ideal for the homebuilt aircraft!

For custom projects McFarlane offers eight design types. Blank extrusion can be cut to most any length and is sold by the inch. We can also custom machine to your specifications; call for details or submit the appropriate design form. 


Design Forms:




 Learn about our approved seat rails, components, kits, and tools! 


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