Extra 300-25



New Dash 25 "Vortex" 

Professional Series Composite Propeller for All Extra 300 and Pitts S2
Straight up with a TWIST!


“5 kts faster, 5 percent better climb, but the best part is that it will keep energy much better under G load due to the stiff blade”

-Martin Albrecht - German Unlimited Champion


For ordering information, call Larry at 866-717-1117. 
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  • Superior vibration dampening
  • Stainless steel leading edge for erosion protection of the blades
  • Enhanced climb and vertical performance
  • Shorter take-off distance
  • Enhanced cruise/max cruise performance
  • No weight and balance change from original MTV-9-B-C/200-15
  • Unlimited blade life and no AD’s 
  • No RPM restrictions


Comprehensive Flight Test of available certified propellers for the Extra 300



Thrust. Velocity. Control.

Don't settle for a foam core imitation!


Competitor's props are no match for the MT Vortex. Its static thrust performance surpasses the competition by 3-5%. You will notice accelerated climb and cruise performance as well as vibration-free operations. The Vortex will provide you with better dynamic braking action, giving you more time, precision, and superior controllability during high G maneuvers.  


For ordering information, call Larry at 866-717-1117, or Click here to learn more. 
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