Seal and Repair Kits for Cessna Shimmy Dampeners

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X Category: Seal and Repair Kits for Cessna Shimmy Dampeners

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
SDKT-1 SEAL KIT, Shimmy Dampener $9.95
SDKT-2 REPAIR KIT, Shimmy Dampener, 1-5/16" Head Bearing $481.97
SDKT-3 REPAIR KIT, Shimmy Dampener, 1-3/16" Head Bearing $482.36
SDKT-4 HARDWARE KIT, Shimmy Dampener Installation $42.46
SDKT-5 SEAL KIT, Shimmy Dampener $10.80
SDKT-6 SEAL KIT, Shimmy Dampener $36.02
SDKT-7 SEAL KIT, Shimmy Dampener $29.33
AN23-11 BOLT, Clevis $8.93
AN23-12 BOLT, Clevis $7.70
AN23-17 BOLT, Clevis $7.56
AN320-3 NUT, Castellated, .190-32UNF-3B $12.75
MS16562-37 ROLL PIN, .125 x .875 $9.20
MS16625-1118 SNAP RING $3.90
MS16625-1131 SNAP RING $2.96
MS28775-011 O-RING $4.86
MS28775-214 O-RING $8.90
MS28775-215 O-RING $12.60
MS28775-216 O-RING $1.06
NAS75-3-009 BUSHING $3.30
S1628-112 BACKUP RING $5.56

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