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Seat Roller Housings for Cessna Aircraft

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Need help selecting the correct housing for your seat?
With over two dozen part numbers and may different seat options, this can be very challenging. Only McFarlane has a convenient flowchart to make it easy!


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Housing/Bracket Assemblies

Save time and money with housing/bracket assemblies. Most housings with a locking pin hole are available with or without the MC1414104-8 bracket. Just add a "B" suffix to the housing part number to buy the complete assembly.


McFarlane highly recommends buying complete assemblies. The bracket rivet spacing is very close making riveting difficult without special tooling.


Bracket P/N MC1414104-8 also available separately.


Typical seat roller housing, bracket, and housing/bracket assembly:


Roller housing/bracket assemblies save time. The old bracket does not have to be removed and reinstalled.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC0700645-1 HOUSING, Seat Roller $254.40
MC0700645-1B HOUSING ASSEMBLY, Seat Roller $291.50
MC0700645-2 HOUSING, Seat Roller $265.00
MC0700645-3 HOUSING, Seat Roller $265.00
MC0700645-4 HOUSING, Seat Roller $254.40
MC1200603-38 HOUSING, Seat Roller $41.34
MC1200603-41 HOUSING, Seat Roller $229.00
MC1200603-41B HOUSING ASSEMBLY, Seat Roller $269.00
MC1200603-42 HOUSING, Seat Roller $83.48
MC1414104-8 BRACKET, Seat Roller Housing $36.68
MC1414104-25 HOUSING, Seat Roller $194.61
MC1414104-25B HOUSING ASSEMBLY, Seat Roller $234.61
MC1414104-26 HOUSING, Seat Roller $213.24
MC1414104-39 HOUSING, Seat Roller $105.45
MC1414104-39B HOUSING ASSEMBLY, Seat Roller $145.45
MC1414104-40 HOUSING, Seat Roller $105.45
MC1414104-41 HOUSING, Seat Roller $105.74
MC1414104-42 HOUSING, Seat Roller $112.21
MC1414104-61 HOUSING, Seat Roller $174.23
MC1414104-61B HOUSING ASSEMBLY, Seat Roller $214.23

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