Universal Turn-to-Lock Controls

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Universal Turn-to-Lock Controls

Perfect for homebuilt or custom projects 

These versatile controls are ideal for many applications.

They feature a turn-to-lock mechanism that requires a quarter turn of the knob to lock or unlock the control.

  • Multiple options:
    • Knob styles
    • Inner wire size
    • Length
    • Dual or single wire/conduit
    • Custom threaded end configurations available
  • Many applications:
    • MCTL1014D series controls are ideal for choke controls for Rotax engines with dual carburetors
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control 
    (Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures)
  • Wire end - may be trimmed to length


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Dual twisted wire ends (MCTL1014D series):

  • 1/16" diameter 7x7 stainless steel
  • ~30 lbs minimum locking force
  • Available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 foot lengths
  • Includes two adjustable barrel stops to attach the Rotax arm


Dual solid wire ends (MCTL2254D series):

  • 0.071" diameter music wire
  • ~55 lbs minimum locking force
  • 6 foot length

Single twisted wire end (MCTL1034 series):

  • 1/16" diameter 1x7 stainless steel
  • ~30 lbs minimum locking force
  • 6 foot length


Single solid wire end (MCTL2254 series):

  • 0.071" diameter music wire
  • ~ 55 lbs minimum locking force
  • 6 foot length



  • Travel (stroke): 3.5" minimum
  • Conduit (dual wire controls): 0.188" OD Teflon lined
  • Conduit (single wire controls): 0.25" OD Teflon lined, Teflon jacket
  • Max Work Loads: Pull = ~25 lbs; Push = ~10 lbs*
  • Operating Temp: -65 to 450 deg F (knob/housing assembly: -65 to 250 deg F)
  • Panel Fitting: 1/2-20 UNF thread
  • See McFarlane Turn-to-Lock Controls for futher specifications.

*Push loads apply to controls with solid wire only and depend on wire diameter, length of trimmed wire (unsupported by conduit), geometry of wire rigging, and the actuator configuration.



Custom Engraved Knobs:
Custom laser marking of the knobs is available for $25.00 per knob. Receive a $15.00 discount for each additional knob with the same design. Please call 866-920-2741 or email timp@mcfarlaneaviation.com for more details.


McFarlane rod endsconduit clampsadel clamps, and wire clamps also available!


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6409 .05 ALLEN WRENCH $0.83
6415 PANEL BOLT, Turn-to-Lock $7.18
6416 PIN, Turn-to-Lock $4.07
6417 KNOB, T-Handle $5.07
6418 KNOB, T-Handle, Turn-to-Lock $12.54
6420 FERRULE, Turn-to-Lock, Brass $8.17
6423 FERRULE, Turn-to-Lock, Nylon $4.31
6427 KNOB, 4-Prong $8.27
6428 KNOB, 4-Prong, Turn-to-Lock $16.17
6429 KNOB, Fluted $6.00
6430 KNOB, Fluted, Turn-to-Lock $11.94
6432 KNOB, Shortened T-Handle $9.96
6515 Barrel Stop Assembly $9.74
6660 KNOB, T-Handle, Choke Lock $17.54
6661 KNOB, Fluted, Cabin Heat Lock $17.99
6662 KNOB, Fluted, Airbox Lock $17.99
EC53 KNOB, Ball, Black $7.67
MCTL1014D048 CONTROL, Turn-to-Lock, Dual, 4 ft, w/o Knob $180.97
MCTL1014D048-B CONTROL, Turn-to-Lock, Dual, 4 ft, Ball Knob $175.84
MCTL1014D048-F CONTROL, Turn-to-Lock, Dual, 4 ft, Fluted Knob $186.39

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