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Purchase P/N 706KT for an assortment of replacement 3/32" tips.


Pin Punch Set with Replaceable Tips
Save money on repetitive tool replacement!



How many times have you reached into your toolbox for a pin punch only to find the tip bent or broken from the last job? The McFarlane pin punch set TOOL127 features economical replaceable tips. Spare tips are even included with every set. Simply replace the tip as necessary. No more wasted money on fragile pin punches!


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Superior material for longer life
Traditional pin punches easily bend or distort. McFarlane has solved this problem by using work hardened extra tough steel, providing you with superior driving ability.


  • Convenient shadowed case
  • Economical replacement tips in three different lengths
  • Shock absorbing grip - Stops "finger sting"
  • Hardened tool steel handle
  • Work hardened extra tough steel tips



Pin punch set contents:
This convenient set includes three common pin punch sizes: 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8". Two long, four medium, and two short tips are included for each size. You can use a short stable tip to start driving the pin out and then change to a longer tip when you need more length to finish the job. 


TOOL127 Replacement Tips
Part Number Description Package Qty
704LR Punch Refill, Long, 1/16" 5 each
704MR Punch Refill, Medium, 1/16" 5 each
704SR Punch Refill, Short, 1/16" 5 each
706LR Punch Refill, Long, 3/32" 5 each
706MR Punch Refill, Medium, 3/32" 5 each
706SR Punch Refill, Short, 3/32" 5 each
707LR Punch Refill, Long, 1/8" 5 each
707MR Punch Refill, Medium, 1/8" 5 each
707SR Punch Refill, Short, 1/8" 5 each


Always wear eye protection when using punches. Do not reuse broken punch tips.

warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

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