Part Number: APS66-15300

BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent)
BRAKE LINING, Metallic (Adherent)

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Metallic (adherent) type brake lining


Note for Cessna 208 series aircraft: APS66-03300 (Standard Lining) and APS66-15300 (Extended Life Lining) are both approved for the Cessna 208 series aircraft. Aircraft with 30-182A calipers installed must use APS66-15300 linings. Aircraft with 30-182 calipers installed may use either APS-03300 or APS66-15300 linings in complete sets. NEVER mix APS66-03300 linings on the caliper as the APS66-15300 linings. The APS66-15300 are 0.035" thicker than the APS66-03300.


Please note:
Eligibility depends on the wheel, brake, and aircraft make, model, and serial number. Please see the current catalog information or click "View Eligible Aircraft" and read any applicable comments to verify and/or determine eligibility.


APS Brake Linings  
Improve braking performance


Metallic and Semi-Metallic Brake Linings
Two types of brake linings are available: semi-metallic/organic (abrasive) and metallic (adherent). The part number of the brake assembly as determined by the OEM dictates which type of lining is to be used.


The semi-metallic linings are made with Kevlar fibers integrated into the material, providing the greatest stopping power and long lining life. The optimal operating temperature of the semi-metallic linings is 600-900 deg F.


The main ingredient in the metallic linings is iron. In an adherent system, a thin layer of lining material transfers and adheres to the disc during break-in. The optimal operating temperature range of the metallic linings is 950-1200 deg F.


Brake discsrivets and pins also sold separately. APS linings can be used with any OEM or PMA discs.


One of the most important factors in disc and lining performance and safety margins is proper break-in. In order for any brake system to work optimally, the disc and linings must be properly bedded. Please follow the Lining Break-In Procedures upon installation.


Brake bleed valveswheel bearing cups and cones, and wheel grease seals also available.

warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Cessna 208 208 20800001 20899999
Cessna 208 208B 208B0001 208B9999
Quest Aircraft Kodiak Kodiak 100 100-0001 100-9999

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