McFarlane Aviation Products - PA28R180-PCCS

Part Number: PA28R180-PCCS


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Product Details

Complete Engine Baffle Kits with Cowl Saver™

Keep your engine cool and protect your cowling!

McFarlane's Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material is now available preinstalled on Airforms baffle kits. Cowl Saver™ reduces airframe vibration and eliminates cowl cracks and firewall cracks. Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any known material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and firewall causing fastener fretting, fatigue, cracking, chaffing, and airframe vibration. Cowl Saver™ is specifically designed to produce low friction, which can save you money! Plus, you can actually feel the difference in vibration

Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material has 30x less friction!

Low friction baffling saves you money!

  • Reduces transfer of vibration to the engine cowl and airframe
  • Eliminates cowl erosion
  • Extends baffle seal life
  • Reduces expensive cowl and cowl fastener repairs
  • Reduces fatigue and cracking in baffles, cowl skins and firewall
  • Cowling even goes on easier!

For more information on McFarlane's Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material, click here.

Airforms engine baffles are FAA-PMA approved for Cessna, Piper, Beech, Mooney, and Grumman

6061-T6 aluminum available as bare aluminum or gray powder coat finish

  • Cowl Saver™ baffle seal material pre-installed
  • Individually interchangeable with factory baffles
  • Stainless steel brackets where needed
  • Hard rivet construction
  • Washer to secure seals
  • Improved fit


  • If aftermarket components (starter, alternator, exhaust, engine mod, etc.) have been installed, it is the installer’s responsibility to adjust baffles to fit
  • Mounting hardware is not included (nuts, bolts, screws, Tinnerman clips, etc.)

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Eligibility Chart
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-30002 28R-7130013 6629
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-30004 28R-31270 6629
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-7130001 28R-7130013 6629

Eligibility Chart 6629 Notes:

  1. Verify applicability based on parts catalog code and serial number; 2843821 (K), 2843823 (H), 2843852 (M), 2843854 thru 2843857 (M), 2843861 (M), 2843862 (M), 2843863 (H), 2843864 (H), 2843865 (G), 2843868 (M), 2843869 (M), 2843870 (K), 2843871 (K), 2843873 (M), 2843881 thru 2843888 (M), 2843891 (M), 2843892 (L), 2843893 thru 2843899 (M), 2843920 thru 2843925 (M), 2843932 thru 2843935 (M), 2881001 thru 2881008 (S), 2881009 (R), 2881010 thru 2881012 (S), 2881013 thru 2881020 (P), 2881021 thru 2881026 (S), 2881027 (R), 2881028 (R), 2881029 (N), 2881030 thru 2881038 (S), 2881039 (R), 2881040 (R), 2881042 (S), 2881043 thru 2881054 (S).

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