McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

About McFarlane

Celebrating 50 Years
Serving the Aviation Community!


Our Mission 

Commitment to safety, quality and value


  • Anticipate and listen to the needs of the aviation community.
  • Continuously develop innovative solutions and improve aviation products that provide value.
  • Produce and offer safe, quality aviation products that instill pride and confidence in the McFarlane brand.
  • Provide fast delivery, a realistic price, and old-fashioned customer service with customer focused technical support.
  • Provide a challenging, rewarding, safe, and fun place to work.
  • Care for the community and the environment.



About Us


We are a diversified manufacturing company that specializes in providing affordable, high-quality FAA-PMA components. In addition to our extensive line of high-quality FAA-PMA replacement parts, we offer a complete line of customer-designed and OEM products, including door and flight control cables, push-pull controls, cargo and seat rails, and many other unique products for the broader aerospace community. 


Our parts are manufactured for many aircraft including General Aviation, Commercial, Experimental, Homebuilt, and Light-Sport Aircraft. We have thousands of FAA-PMA products at our facility located on the Vinland Valley Aerodrome (K64) near Baldwin City, Kansas. Today, we have five buildings with more than 100,000 square feet of office space, inventory storage, and factory floor. We even have another 22,000 square feet under construction!


Our products are engineered with superior quality and longer service life. No matter what you purchase from McFarlane, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product at the lowest price!


In addition to McFarlane's extensive line of high quality replacement parts, we also:


  • Distribute a wide variety of general aviation products and accessories
  • Provide custom manufactured Door Cables, Flight Cables and Push-Pull Controls and services.
  • Have more than 10 of our own STCs and are the world's largest distributor of MT Composite Propellers.


We maintain a level of inventory that allows us to provide you with amazingly quick delivery. No matter what you purchase from McFarlane Aviation Products, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product at the lowest price  – providing you true value and excellent service! 

Why Buy FAA-PMA Parts from McFarlane?

At McFarlane Aviation Products, 100% of our effort is focused on replacement parts. This focus allows McFarlane to produce higher quality parts with many enhancements, all at a lower price than the factory. Each new product we develop is analyzed by looking at decades of service history and maintenance problems. We consider improvements that could not be foreseen when the parts were originally designed. Many times new manufacturing technology or high-tech materials that were not available when the parts were first designed allow us to improve products while at the same time reduce the cost. This translates into a better product for less money.

Meet McFarlane Aviation Products
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