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Adel Clamps - MS21919W Series



Loop type, cushioned support clamps, commonly referred to as "Adel Clamps" feature a wedge that is bonded to the cushion to prevent the escape of small wires when used for general purpose wire bundle clamping. Meets the requirements of MS21919.


Standard MS21919WDGXX Clamps

  • Aluminum band with chlorophrene cushion (black with blue stripe) 
  • For use in areas contaminated with petroleum based hydraulic fluids and occasional fuel splash
  • Ozone resistant
  • Rated to 212 degrees F
  • Not resistant to phosphate ester based fluids
  • Supersedes MS21919-DG series without the wedge


High Temperature MS21919WCJXX Clamps
These blue clamps will not get hard and brittle with engine temperatures. A little more expensive but will last a long time in firewall forward applications.


  • Corrosion resistant steel band with a blue fluorosilicone cushion
  • Perfect for use in engine area or other areas with elevated temperature and/or where petroleum based fluid contamination is present
  • Ozone resistant
  • Rated to 450 degrees F
  • Not resistant to phosphate ester based fluids



Tube/Bundle O.D. Aluminum Band, Chlorophrene Cushion: MS21919WDG Series  Corrosion Resistant Steel Band, Fluorosilicone Cushion: MS21919WCJ Series
1/8" MS21919WDG2 MS21919WCJ2
3/16" MS21919WDG3 MS21919WCJ3
1/4" MS21919WDG4 MS21919WCJ4
5/16" MS21919WDG5 MS21919WCJ5
3/8" MS21919WDG6 MS21919WCJ6
7/16" MS21919WDG7 MS21919WCJ7
1/2" MS21919WDG8 MS21919WCJ8
9/16" MS21919WDG9 MS21919WCJ9
5/8" MS21919WDG10 MS21919WCJ10
11/16" MS21919WDG11 MS21919WCJ11
3/4" MS21919WDG12 MS21919WCJ12
13/16" MS21919WDG13 MS21919WCJ13
7/8" MS21919WDG14 MS21919WCJ14
15/16" MS21919WDG15 MS21919WCJ15
1" MS21919WDG16 MS21919WCJ16

For ordering information, please go to Adel Clamps.

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