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Baggage Door Latch/Lock Kits for Piper Aircraft


Save $$ Satisfying AD2009-13-06R1 Requirements
Improved FAA-PMA direct replacement lock and placard kits and convenient kits for all hardware required by Piper Service Bulletin 1194B to comply with AD2009-13-06R1. This AD requires a placard on the baggage door, lube and inspection of all door latching components every 100 hours and replacement of many of the components every 1000 hours.


Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) #117A-16106-09


Lock Assembly Kit P/N MC88409-002:

  • Pre-assembled lock and offset cam helps prevent installation mistakes
  • Includes clear instructions
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement


Placard Kit P/N MC88451-002:

  • Kit contains both a black and white version to contrast with any paint scheme
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement 




Complete kits with all 1000 hour mandatory replacement hardware contain P/N MC88409-002, standard hardware and Piper original springs.




Model Complete Hardware Kit
PA23-250, PA-E23-250 PBDL-KT-1
PA31, PA31-300, PA31-325 PBDL-KT-2
PA31-350 and T-1020 PBDL-KT-2
PA31P, PA31P-350 PBDL-KT-3
PA31T, PA31T1, PA31T2, PA31T3 PBDL-KT-3
PA42, PA42-720 PBDL-KT-3
PA42-1000 PBDL-KT-3 (Forward)
PBDL-KT-4 (Aft)

For ordering information, go to Nosecone Baggage Door Latch/Lock Kits 


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