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Fuel Quantity Transmitter for Piper Aircraft


Direct Replacement for Original Stewart Warner - No expensive conversion required!
New Stewart Warner fuel quantity transmitters have not been available for over 20 years, but McFarlane now has new FAA-PMA approved direct replacements for originally installed Stewart Warner type transmitters. They eliminate the need for expensive transmitter conversion kits that require replacement of fuel gauges and wiring. McFarlane fuel quantity transmitters are engineered to be compatible with the original fuel quantity gauge and wiring which uses reliable, time proven technology.


Thick Film Resistor Technology - More accurate and lasts longer!
Each McFarlane fuel quantity transmitter is manufactured using the new Stewart Warner "thick film ceramic" resistor technology. The benefits are longer life and increased accuracy. All components are thoroughly tested, ensuring your satisfaction with our product.



  • Saves hundreds of dollars in labor and kits!
  • FAA-PMA approved for Piper model series PA28, PA28R, and PA32
  • Direct replacement for original factory installed transmitter
  • Longer life than an overhauled transmitter


Improved Fuel-Proof Gaskets
Only McFarlane has approved fuel-proof gaskets to replace the original cheapy cork gaskets.


No-leak Screw/Seal Assemblies
Unique stainless steel/Viton seals provide a positive seal around the screws. Only available from McFarlane!


Convenient Kits
Available individually or as kits including transmitter, no-leak Viton gaskets and screw/seal assemblies.


For ordering details, go to Piper Transmitters.

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