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McFarlane Poetry Contest

April was national poetry month so McFarlane held an aviation poetry contest for our employees. We received some great entries and the following poem was chosen as the winner.


A Day At Our Airport
By: Nancy, Krista, Kyle and Kellie
April 2015


A day at our airport seems simple, and yet
You just never know what you might get.


We spend all our days keeping parts sending
So we don't have to hear "There's a back order pending!"


Parts for most planes, we keep them in stock
From engineering to shipping, all of us ROCK!


Designing each part with meticulous care
Because we know that each one will be up in the air.


We assemble & distribute products with pride
Excited to hear we are known & respected worldwide.


We are like family, we all do our best
That's why our stuff is better than the rest.


Dave is here till deep in the night
Making sure everything has gotten done right.


At the end of the day, we are happy to say
We stayed in compliance with the FAA.


When things get hectic, we take it outside
We hop on our trikes, and go for a ride.


Or maybe fly kites, or hippity hop
It helps us by making our stress level drop.


Or racing around on a bike built for two
Hard to believe, but all of this is true!


If we get hungry, we might have some snacks
Or maybe a breakfast with flying flapjacks.


The bottom line is, we get our jobs done
We just do it with a little bit of fun.


It started in 1971, as Dave's dream
And now we have all become the McFarlane Aviation Team.


Dave, Dan, Cheryl & Phylis too,
It is a pleasure working for you!!!


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