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Cessna Carb Heat Air Box Assemblies

Cessna 182 Air Boxes now available!


Stop wasting time and money cobbling together that old air box! 


  • New with improved components
  • Direct replacement of original assembly
  • Quality built with McFarlane bearing housings
  • Transport Canada Part Design Approval - Ships with Transport Canada Form One


Stop wasting time and money cobbling together that old air-box. Newly constructed air boxes reduce maintenance headaches, increase efficiency of the induction system and include vibration absorbing parts. Eliminate cracks and vibration fatigue repairs. Effective control and application of carburetor heat is a must. Damaged components, mis-repair and inferior seals can cause dangerous conditions and the inability to clear away ice. Improved components extend the service life of all components through the use of McFarlane vibration absorbing bearings, no more needle bearing failures!


Replacement components including flange and flappers are available separately.


Maintenance Tip!
When there is excessive “slack” or lack of “sufficient friction” on the carb heat control cable the flapper will vibrate back and forth wearing the airbox, the carb heat cable and create unneeded vibration.

McFarlane’s carb heat cables have a friction/tension system built in for reduced vibration wear, longer life and smooth, consistent control and a special heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability!

Replace your old, worn, carb heat cable with a new McFarlane FAA-PMA approved cable.  


Manufactured by Acorn Welding.


For ordering information, go to Carb Air Boxes.


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