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New Drain Valves & Adapters from Curtis & SAF-AIR

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Curtis Superior and SAF-AIR have added to their extensive line of fuel and oil drain valves. All provide a clean, no mess way to test and drain fuel or oil.


Fuel Drain Valves
New fuel drain valves include CCA-1100CCA-7000 and CCA-7600 for experimental/homebuilt applications; and new TSO-C76 approved B187 and CCA-1150.


Locking Oil Drain Valves
New locking oil drain valves include CCB-38000A5020 and A62-INV for experimental/homebuilt applications. 


Oil Drain Valve Adapters
Many new oil drain valve adapters for Rotax, Jabiru, and Christen oil systems for non-certified aircraft.


For more information, go to Drain Valves, Fuel and Oil or review the catalog information.

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