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Shimmy Dampener Parts for Cessna Aircraft

Save $$ - Repair your fluid dampener
Don't buy a disposable rubber dampener. Save money with replacement PMA parts. McFarlane now has affordable repair parts for the original fluid dampener. Save over $400!


  • More cost effective than a throwaway unit
  • Proven design



Improved Shimmy Dampener Shaft
Save more than 50% - Lasts longer!


  • Perfected chrome finish for improved O-ring life
  • Durable one piece design


MC0542120-1 Shaft



Head Bearings and Piston
Precision machined direct replacements


MC0542102-1 Head Bearing
(1-5/16" diameter)

MC0542102-3 Head Bearing
(1-3/16" diameter)

MC0842400-3 Piston



Convenient Assemblies and Kits
Quick and easy! We have done the assembly for you


  • Simplify your repair process
  • Assembled kits make overhaul more efficient
  • One part number gives you everything you need


Repair kits include piston assembly, snap ring(s) and housing o-ring.



Maintenance Tip:
Measure the diameter of the head bearing to determine the correct piston assembly or repair kit. Always replace worn head bearings as they keep the shaft and piston in alignment. Support the shaft well when replacing the piston. 

Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy?
 by Dave McFarlane


For ordering information, go to Shimmy Dampener Parts and Kits.

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