So D A M™ good we had to share it!
D A M™ products also come in Convenient Kits!
Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool
Save time, you'll always have the correct tool!
McFarlane Push-Pull Controls and Custom Controls also available.
Quickly remove stuck taper pins!
We also manufacture U-Joints and offer U-Joint Drilling Service.
Quick and accurate! 
Additional Flap System Components including rollers, tracks, skins, and more.
Make installation of the aft flap roller easy! 
Additional Flap System Components including rollers, tracks, skins, and more. 
Save money on repetitive tool replacement!
Our Techs use these with Fuel Valves and other Repair Services!
Tools that actually work and will not break!
Need a new pump? Tempest Vacuum Pumps available now!
Install and remove push-pull control nuts behind the panel
We also manufacture Push-Pull Controls and Custom Controls.
Fast and Positive - No more guessing! 
Seat Rails and Seat Rail ComponentsBrownline Seat/Cargo Tracks, and Custom Seat Rails also available. 
Save Time - Ten Times faster than calipers!
Replace your old, worn Seat Roller Housings.
for Cessna Seat Rails
Makes pressing sintered bearings in or out easy!
Saves time and makes installation easy!

For installation of PROP GUARD Anti-Abrasion Boots.
Customize your baffle seal flexibility for optimal cooling!   
You will feel the difference when you use McFarlane's Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material with Bi-Flex™ Technology.
For Cessna Stabilizer Jack Screws
Need a replacement?
Improve your performance with MT Composite Propellers.
 Other Tools


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Customs and Services


To see all Customs and Services go to Services.

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