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New Approvals!
Both Knots 2U and Stene Aviation recently announced over 75 new products expanding the already huge selection of plastic and fiberglass trim and fairings available from McFarlane for nearly every make and model. The new part numbers include brake fairings, rudder and fin tops, cable covers, wheel pants, cowl scoops, dorsal fairings, tail stingers, wing tips, and much more including exciting new lines of split strut fairings.


Most parts are in stock for immediate shipment!



To find the parts for your aircraft, go to Plastic and Fiberglass Trim and Fairings





New! Split Strut Fairings from Knots 2U and Stene Aviation
Split strut fairings that can be installed and removed without jacking the wing and disconnecting the strut. Saves significant labor costs!


Pro Split strut fairings from Knots 2U are fiberglass FAA-PMA direct replacements for the originals (no FAA Form 337 required). Eligible for most Cessna 150 through 185 aircraft. Available individually or as convenient kits.


Split strut fairings from Stene Aviation are fiberglass and FAA/STC approved for most 150 through 207 aircraft (some of their 206 and 207 series fairings are FAA-PMA direct replacements). Available individually or as convenient kits.


For more information, go to Strut Fairings or to the Catalog Eligibility Information.

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