Flap Roller Kits


Maintain the integrity of your flap system with McFarlane's Flap Roller Kits. These kits will prevent any/further wear caused from the original OEM components, and reduce the degradation of the flap support arms. This product can take more abuse than the original product and prevent expensive flap track repairs caused by old and corroded OEM parts that slide. 


Upgrade kits include: Rollers, bushings, shims, spacers where required, MCSK100 Flap Service Kits, wear washers, hardware (nuts, bolts, washers), and a copy of SEB95-3 Rev 1.


    • Part numbers for the upgrade kits end in "U"
    • SEB95-3 Rev 1 applies to many Cessna aircraft models. Non-applicable models include 172R,S, 182S,T, T182T, 206H, T206H, 208, 336 and 337 aircraft
    • Kits contain components that fit several aircraft models. The installer must determine the correct nut, bolt and washer combination for each installation.
Make the installation of the aft flap roller, bushing, and washers easy! Go to the 970 Flap Roller Installation Tool for more information. 


To learn more go to Flap Roller Components and Kits.






Don't just replace your old, worn Flap Rollers. Upgrade your Flap Control System!
FAA-PMA Approved Flap Tracks
Cessna 150 thru 210
Prevent dangerous and expensive binding problems!


FAA-PMA flap tracks feature many improvements over the original
  • 20% stronger
  • 6 times fatigue strength
  • Greater resistance to wear, "mushrooming" and stress cracking
  • Replace just the track, not the entire assembly 
  • In stock for immediate shipment!




For ordering information, go to Flap Tracks




Determine if a Cessna flap track is worn beyond wear limits with the Flap Track Wear Gauge.
Our Flap Indicator Cables actually work!
Our design has proven to outperform the originally installed cable assemblies.
Improved reliability in controlling your flaps with a low friction design.


For more information go to Flap Position Indicator Cables.

  • Reduced friction, longer life
  • Restore reliability
  • FAA-PMA Approved
  • Save $$$



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