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Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool




Save time, you'll always have the correct tool!

Proper elevator rigging is necessary for full range of motion and maneuverability of the airplane. Many Cessna maintenance manuals require the fabrication of a tool to hold the yoke in the neutral position while the mechanic rigs the elevator control system. These tools utilize the holes for the control gust lock. At least 17 different sizes of rigging tools are required to cover the various Cessna aircraft. Now there is one tool to replace them all!


The McFarlane Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool is adjustable from 0.4" to 2.5" and universal in design, consisting of six different pin sizes to fit your application. This tool may also be used to properly rig other makes of aircraft with similar elevator neutral rigging requirements.


Features and Benefits

  • Replaces 17 costly tools
  • Quick setup and adjustment
  • Simple to use instructions
  • Includes compact storage box
  • Replacement parts available separately
  • Stainless steel components


Note: Refer to your Cessna maintenance manual to determine if your model requires the use of the elevator neutral rigging tool and follow its guidelines for proper pin selection and adjustment guidelines.


For ordering details, go to Part Number TOOL126



Interesting History
Early Cessna aircraft control gust lock holes were aligned with the elevator in the neutral position. This hole placement created safety concerns after Cessna realized that it would be possible for a pilot to take off with the control lock in place, but the lack of control function would not allow for a safe climb rate. Cessna remedied this safety hazard, beginning in the late 1960's, by moving the hole on the control column closer to the yoke. This change prevents flight. With the hole placement moved, new tools were required to be fabricated to align the elevator in the neutral position during rigging.


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