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PROP GUARD Installation Tutorial Video


How to install PROP GUARD anti-abrasion boot on your metal propeller




PROP GUARD anti-abrasion boot has saved aircraft owners countless dollars in propeller maintenance.


  • PROP GUARD is a 0.014" thick clear anti-abrasion boot that is bonded to the leading edge of the metal propeller
  • PROP GUARD is made from a special high strength heat processed polymer engineered for centrifugal loads. It is NOT just a piece of tape!
  • Easy to install (approximately 20 minutes installation time)
  • No performance loss
  • Fully tested and repairable
  • FAA-PMA/STC approved (minor alteration, no form 337 required)


For more information, please see Part Number FP1001 for two blades or Part Number CS1002 for three blades.


*Please note: The PROP GUARD material backing is no longer split. It is one solid piece, unlike what is shown in the video. Please adjust installation accordingly.


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