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Hard to find 9/32" OD 4AG/ABS/AGS Series
The 4AG series fuses are commonly specified in older aircraft. About 30 years ago Buss superseded them to the obsolete AGS series fuse. Even this newer series is now leaving many aircraft owners struggling to find replacements.


The AGS fuses are now being replaced by ceramic ABS series of fuses that have the same electrical and thermal performance.


McFarlane now has all three series (4AG, ABS, AGS) with a mix of new and new surplus fuses in stock.


Note: AGC series auto fuses are smaller (1/4" OD) and have different thermal properties than the 4AG, ABS, AGS fuses.


  • Glass or ceramic tube, 9/32" x 1-1/4"
  • P/Ns 4AG-#, ABS-#, or AGS-#, where # indicates current rating in Amps (1 to 40 Amps)
  • Sold in packs of 5 each 
  • No certification available


Part Number Amps
4AG-2 2 Amps
4AG-5 5 Amps
4AG-10 10 Amps
ABS-20 20 Amps
AGS-25 or 4AG-25 25 Amps
ABS-30 30 Amps
AGS-40 40 Amps

For ordering information, go to Buss Fuses.

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