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New Convenient Push-Pull Control Hardware Items

McFarlane offers a variety of replacement parts to service your McFarlane push-pull controls. Please go to Replacement Part Eligibility for more information.


Wedge Washers
These convenient wedge shaped washers can be used on each side of the instrument panel to angle a control (approximately 6.5 degrees) to avoid interference behind the panel.

  • Part Number EC89
  • 9/16" ID
  • For non-certified aircraft only



Panel Hole Reducers
These convenient washers are used to adapt a large instrument panel hole down to a smaller diameter control. They are available in two sizes and include an appropriately sized flat washer for the back side of the panel also. For non-certified aircraft only.


Part Number Description
6290-06-12K Adapts a 0.375" control to a 0.75" hole
6290-08-12K Adapts a 0.5" control to a 0.75" hole


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