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Expanded Eligibility! King Air Fuel Drain Valve



Improved, repairable valve. Save more than $20,000 per airplane!

New approvals for Beechcraft A90, B90, 99, 99A, A99, B99, C99, 100 and A100 models.


  • Improved seal design provides a long life reliable valve.
  • Teflon lined control conduit and stainless steel cable
  • Reliable design - proven to over 10,000 cycles
  • Latest Viton fuel-proof seals
  • Anodized for better corrosion resistance


Part Number MC90-380016-1 consists of two components: a valve housing and a replaceable valve control plunger assembly (Kit Part Number 6325K). Only McFarlane valves are repairable, Beech valves do not have replaceable components.


Unheard of 10 Year Limited Warranty!


For ordering information, go to Part Number MC90-380016-1


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