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Wheel Bearing Cones and Cups

Even hard-to-find bearings, no minimum order quantities!

We recently expanded our stock to include many more hard-to-find wheel bearings. McFarlane is your #1 source for in-stock, ready-to-ship FAA-PMA wheel bearings.




FAA-PMA Timken wheel bearings for Goodyear, Cleveland, and McCauley wheels

  • Class 2 aviation grade FAA-PMA bearings (Timken designates these with a -20629 suffix)
  • Tighter tolerance and higher quality control than Class 4 automotive bearings
  • Save $$  


Don't be tempted to buy cheapy automotive bearings!

Aircraft bearings rotate up to two times faster than car bearings.


For more information, go to Wheel Bearings.


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