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Choke Controls - Dual Carb 912/914 Rotax Engines

McFarlane offers two styles of choke control for the dual carburetor Rotax 912/914 series engines:



Turn-to-Lock Style Choke Controls:

These controls feature a turn-to-lock mechanism that requires a quarter turn of the knob to lock or unlock the control at any position.


Go to Turn-to-Lock Choke Controls for more details.




Non-Locking Choke Controls:

These controls do not feature a locking mechanism, however they have an internal elastomer seal to dampen vibration and provide a small amount of resistance. If your choke installation features a return spring, this control will return to the closed position when released.


Go to Non-Locking Choke Controls for more details. 



These controls are not for use on certified aircraft.

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