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Extended Life Brake Lining for Caravan & Kodiak




McFarlane is excited to announce the addition of the APS extended life brake lining for the Cessna Caravan and Quest Kodiak. The usable wear material of this new APS66-15300 lining is 0.035" thicker than the APS66-03300 lining (0.121" vs 0.086"). This results in a 35% longer life and reduced operating costs.


Also available in a convenient kit
New cost effective kit P/N APS164-22201-1 includes the durable and highly corrosion resistant BlackSteel brake discs, extended life metallic linings, and pins. Each kit includes enough parts for one aircraft (two wheels).


To learn more and find the discs and linings for your aircraft, go to APS BlackSteel Brake Discs and Linings.



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