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New Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Repair Kit

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Part Number BAFFLE-KIT-3BF 


This new baffle seal kit is the latest addition to the incredibly popular Cowl Saver Teflon coated cowl seal from McFarlane. It contains a 3 inch x 13 foot roll of Cowl Saver material (4 more feet than BAFFLE-KIT-1BF) along with retainer strips and rivets to provide enough material for a wider range of aircraft. The new 13 foot roll of Cowl Saver material is also available separately.


However, for the most versatility, McFarlane recommends BAFFLE-KIT-2. The 18 inch x 36 inch sheet in BAFFLE-KIT-2 provides enough material to replace the baffle seals in most single engine aircraft and allows accurate duplication of curved and odd shaped baffle seals that cannot be cut out of a 3 inch strip.


  • Prevents engine vibration transfer to the cowling and airframe
  • You can feel the difference in the cockpit!




To learn more and see how it works: Click Here.

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