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Cessna 150 & 152 Baffle Seal Kits

Reduce airframe vibration, cowl cracks, and firewall cracks

with our complete Cowl Saver™ kits! 

For more information visit Baffle Seal Kits


Complete Kits for Cessna 150 & 152

  • Unbeatable performance – ideal balance of flexibility and stiffness
  • Full kit to enclose engine compartment

  • Save $$$ on labor and cowl wear

  • 30x less friction – eliminating cowl erosion
  • Reduce fatigue and expensive baffle, cowl and firewall repairs
  • Eliminate guess work! Kits include all required baffle seals, soft rivets, and McFarlane P/N 6036-012 retainer strips
  • Cut to fit, saving you time and money
  • Individual baffles available for sale



Now with Bi-Flex™ Technology! 
Precision laser engraved flex pattern ensures optimum flexibility/stiffness combination for maximum cooling and minimum friction. For more information, please read Customized Flexibility for Optimal Cooling.


For more information visit Baffle Seal Kits

Individual Kit Components also available. 




U.S. Patent No. 8,070,099


McFarlane Fuel Valves for Cessna 150 and 152 also available.

An all new improved valve for the price of repairing your old one!

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