FAA-PMA Baffle Seals for 172R,S Cessna Aircraft



  • Cowl Saver new low friction laminated material 
    (30x less friction than silicone)
  • Precut seals for fast installation
  • Addresses issues raised in Cessna Service Bulletin SB 08-53-01 regarding cracking due to vibration
  • BSC-KT-1 kit includes all required baffle seals, MS20470A4-5 soft rivets and 6036-012 retainer strips for one aircraft
  • 30 times better and you still save $100 off Cessna prices


For ordering details, go to 172R,S Baffle Seals.


Note: For proper function, install Cowl Saver material so that only the low friction (black) side touches the cowl's inside surface.


U.S. Pat. No. 8,070,099


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