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Quasar Cx LED Lighted Wing Tips


Integrated LED Landing Lights with Pulse Recognition Mode


  • FAA-PMA/STC approved
  • Brighter than any other product on the market
  • Works with existing cowl mounted lights 
  • Recognition mode integrated into the light assembly
  • No additional light controllers required
  • Enhanced in flight recognition of the aircraft
  • Accommodates legacy nav/strobe lights but optimized for use with AeroLED Pulsar LED navigation/strobe lighting
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This all new wing tip lighting package brings the latest technology in LED lighting to the general aviation market with integrated landing, taxi, and pulse recognition modes. The package is brighter than any other product on the market including other PAR36 LED and HID lighting solutions.


Recognition mode is integrated into the light assembly and does not require any additional light controllers to flash the LED lights. This mode of operation dramatically enhances in flight recognition of the aircraft therefore reducing the possibilities of mid-air collisions.


The built-in mounting location for the nav/strobe assembly is designed to accommodate legacy nav/strobes but is optimized for use with the AeroLED Pulsar NSP LED nav/strobes.


The wing tips are built by Stene Aviation using the latest resins and aviation grade E-glass weaves to insure the highest quality of part.


Wing Tip Types Integrated Operational Modes Multi-Voltage Operation Power (Watts) Lumens Candela Recognition Wig-Wag Mode
Quasar Cx LED lighted wing tips Landing Yes, 14/28v 190 17,000+ 300,000+ Built-in
Taxi 38 3,500 26,000+
Recognition 95 8,500+ 150,000+
Whelen PAR36 LED lighted wing tips None   38 3496 120,000 No
HID lighted wing tips None   70 6440 250,000 No


The following video demonstrates the Quasar Cx lights in action while Stene Aviation's A185F was on approach for Oshkosh with the Quasar Cx lights installed on their A185F. Look for the lights flashing around 0:40sec into the video. Note: The flash pattern is an optional pattern that can be integrated by using the AeroLED HX lights in the cowling.


For ordering information, go to Lighted Wing Tips.


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