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Repair Kits for Cessna Fuel Valves



Part numbers FSO-KT-1 thru FSO-KT-25

Each kit contains all of the hardware commonly required to reseal and perform a basic repair of a fuel selector valve or fuel shut off valve for Cessna 150 thru 320 aircraft. The kits include seals, springs, Viton o-rings, roll pins, washers, screws, balls, and plugs as required for each specific valve.  


Many Cessna fuel selector valves require special tools and processes for reassembly. For your convenience, McFarlane also offers repaired fuel valves. Repaired fuel valves are cleaned, inspected and assembled with all new seals, gaskets, hardware and parts as required. Each valve is repaired by our experienced A&P technicians and pressure tested for leaks and evaluated for proper fuel flow. You receive a "Return to Service" tag to certify the repair.


For ordering details, go to Fuel Valve Repair Kits or Fuel Valves.


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