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Cessna Inspection Plates



Now offering replacement inspection plates with multiple finish options and cost savings!
A more cost effective solution to replace your missing and corroded inspection plates. 


  • Bare, primed, or painted — more options provide easier installation!
  • Treated for anti-corrosion
  • All plates are 5 inches in diameter
  • Save 50%
  • Quantity discounts available!


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Save time with easier installation and multiple finish options!

Easier installation with multiple finish options!

All plates are made of Aluminum Alclad, 2024-T3


Primed use P/N MCS225-1 or MCS225-2

Washed and primed with non-chromate anti-corrosion mixture to ensure a longer lasting product, resistant to corrosion.


Bare use P/N MCS225-1B or MCS225-2B

Features the bare aluminum plate. A non-chromate anti-corrosion wash is only applied to the primed and painted plates.


Top Coat use P/N MCS225-1T or MCS225-2T

Follows the same process as the primed, but will feature an additional step of adding a top coat of Vestal White paint.

For ordering information, go to Inspection Plates.



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