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Vividia Ablescope Digital Borescopes



Finally a quality articulating borescope for under $500 that really works!
Acquire detailed visual inspection with FULL 180° Articulating Probe


Technology has made borescopes a good investment even if you only need it a few times a year.

  • Precision optics
  • Cost effective
  • Look back with FULL 180° articulation
  • Connect easily to computer, tablet or phone
  • LED illumination
  • High quality CMOS sensor
  • Durable carrying case


Ideal for detailed visual inspection in hard to reach places. The bendable 0° to 180° continuously adjustable, articulating probe offers a panoramic view of the area being inspected and the wide focal distance makes both close up and general inspection crisp and clear. Six built in LEDs for illumination. Includes a press and release option in addition to a locking and unlocking feature.


AirBox WiFi Converter provides a wireless solution for mobile device users (Apple and Android). AirBox converts the USB feed into a WiFi hot spot enabling functions utilizing the  appropriate App to see live images, capture pictures and record videos. Apple products (i.e. iPhone and iPad) require the wireless converter, P/N VA-B2, for viewing and data capture. Android users have the option of connecting directly to the borescope (via USB cable), or by use of the wireless converter.


Each boroscope includes an OTG cable adapter, small sleeve changing tool for changing out the silicone sleeves, extra silicone replacement sleeves, case and instruction manual.


P/N* Probe Type Probe Diameter Probe Length Weight Focal Distance Resolution Optical View Lens Angle USB Cable Length Compatibility
VA-400 Rigid 8.5mm 42cm (16.5") 12 oz 4-40cm
fixed focus
640x480 pixels 60 deg 200cm Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X with FaceTime software or Android OS 4.1.2 or higher with USB host function (iPhone and iPad when used with VA-B2 converter)
VA-800 Flexible 80cm (31.5") 3-40cm
fixed focus
VA-980 Semi-Rigid
*Add "KIT" to part number to purchase borescope and VA-B2 converter together, example: VA-400 KIT.

Vividia AbleScope Borescope P/N VA-400 or VA-400 KIT
Rigid (fixed steel probe)

Suitable when you have a direct line to your subject. Convenient for one hand operation.

Vividia AbleScope Borescope P/N VA-800 or VA-800 KIT


Perfect for snaking the scope into a narrow space. Can be rotated by twisting the probe to change the orientation of the camera.

Vividia AbleScope Borescope P/N VA-980 or VA-980 KIT

Semi-rigid flexible

Stays where you put it. Ideal for general aviation professionals!

WiFi AirBox Converter P/N VA-B2

View your Vividia USB borescope wirelessly. The USB cord from your borescope plugs into this small box which acts like a WiFi hotspot. Connect your phone or tablet to the hotspot to view live feed from the borescope and capture photos and videos.


For ordering information, go to Borescopes.


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