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Cessna Upper Torque Link

McFarlane developed a stronger upper torque link for Cessna 210 Aircraft 
MC1243426-2 Upper Torque Link Assembly 


Available Upper Torque Link Components:

MC1243422-1 Bolt

MC1243618-2 Shim

MC1243618-3 Shim

MC1243038-1 Stop Lug

AS15002-1P Fitting

6951 Link Only


  • FAA-PMA Approved
  • Increased strength - stronger aluminum alloy and heavier flanges
  • More resistant to up-stop bending forces
  • Also available:
    • Replacement stop lug
    • Bolts to secure the stop lug to the torque link
    • Stop lug shims
  • Direct replacement for the original Cessna parts
  • The upper torque link is sold as an assembly. Individual parts are available separately.
  • Bent links allow the strut to overextend, causing expensive damage



For ordering information, go to Torque Link, Upper.


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