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Oil and Oil Filter Analysis Test Kits

All kits contain everything needed for a laboratory analysis on metals in piston and turbine engines


  • 24 to 48-hour quick turnaround! Abnormal results are communicated immediately
  • Diagnose abnormal wear
  • Decrease repair costs!
  • Excellent for pre-purchase inspection
  • Easy to use!
  • Full reports are available online. Any problematic debris from Oil Filter analysis is recorded with amount, type, form, and condition of particles







Fuel Bacterial Field Test Kit (Bug Test)

Quickly analyzes jet or diesel fuel for bacteria and fungus; can be completed in the field!


  • Detects microorganisms before they flourish
  • Helps prevent plugged filters and fuel lines
  • Quick and accurate!




 Insert a fuel sample into a sterilized serum bottle. After a set time period, the color change is compared with the Bug Test Color chart to determine fuel quality.





Corrosion Preventer

Excellent water displacing corrosion inhibiting lubricant in 11oz cans; available in light, medium, and thick coatings






Cleaner and Degreaser

18 oz can


  • Fast acting
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves little residue 


*Shipping restrictions apply (aerosol)





Fuel Quality Test Kit

Includes API gravity, cetane index, D-86 distillation, Karl Fisher water, BUG TEST, and flash point




Custom test kits are available



For ordering information go to Quality Analysis Kits.


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