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Tail Cone Angle Kit


New! Reinforcement Design 

McFarlane has updated the design of our popular Tail Cone Reinforcer kit to improve its fit and performance in your aircraft. The LH and RH Reinforcement angle splices have been reshaped around the vertical and lateral planes to better align and capture the tail bushing. The new geometry ensures the bearings and bushings are better aligned to the aircraft reducing potential stresses and easier installation of the horizontal stabilizer.


Additional improvements include

  • Removal of all pilot holes - true freedom to match drill to your aircraft
  • Enlarged part faces – More material to eliminate rivet edge clearance issues



Tail Cone Angle Kit 

Repair your cracked hockey stick! 


STC approved for Cessna aircraft

  • Save thousands of $$$ on parts and labor
  • Short installation time
  • Stronger than the original
  • Kit includes hardware and special tools for installation


Addresses AD2020-21-22 and SEL-55-01

Click here to view Installation InstructionsSTC, and ICA documents.


Note: Tail Bushing MC0760679-2 and Spacer MC0732101-7 are recommended when installing the Tail Cone Angle Kit on your aircraft.



Tail Cone Angle Kit is protected by U.S. Patent No. US 10,864,999 B1


McFarlane Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit also available.



*Please note: The 2021 printed McFarlane product catalog incorrectly lists the material as 7075 aluminum. This product is made of 2024-T351 aluminum. 


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