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D A M Exhaust Lubricant



D A M Aircraft Exhaust Anti-seize/Lubricant — The only anti-seize that works!

Part Number DAM20-4.0


D A M Exhaust Lube is designed specifically for aircraft exhaust ball joints, clamps, slip joints, and hardware. A low viscosity liquid is blended with molybdenum-disulfide and other special micro-lubricants to produce a protective dry lubricant film. This film embeds into the stainless steel and keeps your joints lubricated for years!


  • Protects up to 2400° F
  • No stainless corroding graphite
  • Prevents heat corrosion and joint lockup
  • Joints stay free to move with thermal expansion
  • No greasy powdered metal paste that locks up anyway
  • Low viscosity — a little goes a long way
  • Loosens assembled joints


Note: Do not use an anti-seize that contains graphite on your exhaust systems. Graphite corrodes and destroys the grain structure of stainless steel. D A M™ Exhaust Lube does not contain graphite. 




Shake well.

Pre-assembly: Clean joint and apply a wet coat to both surfaces to be joined. The joint can be assembled wet or dry.

Assembled joints: Apply several times to joint edge. Allow time for capillary action to penetrate the joint. For better penetration of locked up joints, mix 50/50 with acetone, MEK, toluene, or similar solvents.



(Can also be applied to joint edges on older assemblies)

For ordering information, go to Part Number DAM20-4.0.


Shipping Note: This product can only ship via UPS Domestic Ground service. Air and International shipments are not available at this time. 


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