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Door Hinges for Cessna Caravan

Door hinges have bushings for longer wear!
As the original equipment hinge halves wear and the aircraft door starts to sag, Cessna Service Bulletin CAB96-2 allows a one time repair through the use of an oversize door hinge pin. When the hinge again becomes worn and the door sags, the hinge halves must be replaced and an original size hinge pin re-installed.


  • FAA-PMA direct replacements
  • Fits all Cessna 208/208B aircraft
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Precision fit
  • Available with or without bushing
  • Replaceable bushings allow extended service life!


AF2617015-21 Standard Hinge
AF2617015-21-B Bushed Hinge


Bushed Hinge P/N Standard Hinge P/N Location OEM P/N
Cargo Door Crew Door
AF2617015-17-B AF2617015-17   RH Lower Forward 2617015-1 or -17
AF2617015-18-B  AF2617015-18 Lower Forward LH Lower Forward 2617015-2 or -18
AF2617015-19-B AF2617015-19   RH Upper Forward 2617015-11 or -19
AF2617015-20-B AF2617015-20 Upper Forward   2617015-4 or -20
AF2617015-21-B AF2617015-21 Lower, Lower Aft LH Lower Aft 2617015-13 or -21
AF2617015-22-B AF2617015-22   LH Upper Forward 2617015-12 or -22
AF2617015-23-B AF2617015-23 Upper, Upper Aft LH Upper Aft 2617015-15 or -23
AF2617015-24-B AF2617015-24   RH Lower Aft 2617015-14 or -24
AF2617015-26-B AF2617015-26   RH Upper Aft 2617015-16 or -26
Bushing P/N
AF2617015-025 (short), AF2617015-049 (long)

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