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New F. Atlee Dodge Offerings, Now in Stock!

High quality - Alaskan bush tough - FAA-PMA Approved 
McFarlane is pleased to announce many new parts from F. Atlee Dodge. With a focus on toughness, reliability, and cost savings, these parts are made to hold up to the rigors of the Alaskan bush.


Parts for Cessna Aircraft:

F. Atlee has been aggressively expanding their FAA-PMA replacement parts for Cessna aircraft, with a focus on the hard-working Cessna 180/185 and 206/207 series. Save big with these new Alaska bush-tough parts!



Exhaust and Engine Parts

  • Engine mount bonding strap and heat shield
  • Heavy duty muffler shroud
  • Exhaust shroud
  • Breather tube
  • Tailpipes
  • Tailpipe support and hanger assemblies
  • Alternator adjusting arm

To learn more, go to Exhaust and Engine Parts.



Landing Gear and Control Surface Parts

  • Rudder pedal bar and shaft
  • Landing gear axle and box shims
  • Nosegear drag link
  • Horizontal stabilizer spacer

To learn more, go to Landing Gear and Control Surface.



Airframe Parts

  • Boot cowl handle, step and doubler
  • Folding rear seat
  • Trim wheel shaft
  • V-brace assembly

To learn more, go to Airframe Parts.





Parts for Piper Aircraft:


Extended Baggage Kits

P/Ns 2103 (No weld) and F1400-06 (Weld-in)

  • FAA-PMA/STC for most PA18,PA19
  • Utilize more baggage space
    • Gain 10-20 lbs of extra storage
  • Inverted Dogleg STC SA02436AK to allow easy access to aft baggage area in PA11, PA12, PA18, PA19



Carb Heat Box

P/N AD15005-00

  • PA18
  • Self-lubricating bearings
  • Stainless steel construction 



Oversized Rudders and Elevators

P/Ns AD15726OS (Rudder) and AD12770OS (Elevator)

  • PA12, PA12S, PA14, PA18, PA19S
  • Approximately 12% larger (blue shaded area)
  • Powder coated grey with bushings installed 




Heavy Duty Main Landing Gear

P/Ns 3225-1 (LH) and 3225-2 (RH)

  • PA18, PA19
  • Standard height gear - 1-1/4" Axle
  • Designed for back country flying
  • Comes with bushings installed
  • 2000 lbs gross weight tube installed 


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