McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

FAA-PMA Fuel Valves for Cessna 182, 185 Aircraft


Expands McFarlane’s already extensive Fuel Valve product line!


From years of experience, McFarlane found flaws that degrade the service life and repairability of the original Cessna valves. We directly address these issues in our improved design to provide a higher quality, longer-lasting valve.


Proven Design Improvements!

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined for longer life
  • Improved O-ring retention
  • Save Thousands $$$


Repair Kits - Seal Kits - Replacement Parts

All of the improved parts that go into our new valve are interchangeable with the original Cessna valve. This means that if your valve is good with the exception of a few parts, we can fix it at a reasonable price! Whether you need your valve repaired or a new valve, McFarlane will save you money.


To find the valve or kit for your aircraft, go to Fuel Selector and Fuel Shut-Off Valves.


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