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Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit, Cessna 180-185


Improved Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistance
McFarlane is pleased to announce the new FAA-PMA/STC stabilizer jack screw actuator kit. This replaces all wear components for the stabilizer actuator assemblies for many Cessna 180, 180A-K, 182, 182A-D, 185, 185A-E and A185E-F aircraft.


  • Wear and vibration resistance for longer life
  • No rust, even in salt water
  • Costs less than the standard parts


Improved Reliability
The original low-grade steel components have been replaced with duplex stainless steel originally developed for under-sea concrete reinforcing - salt water doesn't have an effect on this steel! Precision bearings are used to reduce free play, while using extra-low temperature grease for easy turning in low temperatures. McFarlane redesigned the sprocket and retaining collar to allow the use of a 5/32" roll pin, which more than doubles the strength of the design.


Convenient Kit
Stabilizer jack screw actuator kit part number 1111 includes all parts required to replace the following Cessna parts in both the left-hand and right-hand actuators:

  • 0310332 Sprocket
  • 0432138-3 or S2295-25-185 Chain
  • 0712500-7 Collar-retainer
  • 0712500-10 Bushing
  • 0712500-11 Screw bar
  • 0712500-13 Barrel
  • 0712500-19 Plug
  • 0712502 Bushing, eccentric
  • MS20201KP6A or AN201KP6A Bearing
  • NAS561-3-8 Roll pin


Instructions for Continued Airworthiness


For ordering details, go to Part Number 1111.

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