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Cabin, Fuel Shut Off, Mixture & Carb Heat Controls



Longer life and up to 40% off OEM list price!

McFarlane is pleased to announce that we now have FAA-PMA approval on the cabin environment, fuel shut offmixture and carb heat controls for many Cessna aircraft models. All of these controls feature McFarlane's improved push-to-unlock mechanism with greater holding strength and longer life.


  • Special, heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability
  • Improved friction mechanism
  • Reduced vibration wear
  • Most knobs match originally equipped knobs


MC0713050-2 Carb Heat, Mixture 180, 182
MCS1224-4 Carb Heat 172, 175
MCS1241-1 Cabin Heat, Cabin Air, Fuel Shut-Off, Fuel Valve 180, 182, 185, 205, 206, 210
MCS1241-27 Cabin Air, Cabin Heat, Fuel Shut-Off 182, 185, 206, 207, 210
MCS1241-34 Cabin Heat, Cabin Vent, Aux Air, Cold Air 182, 188, 206, 207, 210
MCS1241-49 Carb Heat 172Q
MCS1788-2 Carb Heat 177

To find the control for your aircraft, go to Engine Controls.


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