McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

Intercylinder Engine Baffles


SAVE up to 50%

For Teledyne six cylinder engines


Replacements for Cessna part numbers:

  • p/n ASP135-103 replaces Cessna p/n 0750135-3  
  • p/n ASP135-104 replaces Cessna p/ns 0750135-4 and 0750135-8  
  • p/n ASP834-101 replaces Cessna p/n 0851834-1       
  • p/n ASP834-102 replaces Cessna p/n 0851834-2
  • p/n ASP833-105 replaces Cessna p/ns 0750135-1 and 0851833-1

PMA Approved

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