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Field Repairable Drain Valves from Curtis


1/8" NPT

1/8" NPT

1/8" NPT

1/8" NPT


TSO-C76 Approved - High Quality Construction - Replaceable O-Rings

New Curtis Superior Valve fuel drain valves designed with replaceable O-rings! The high quality construction and repairability of these valves allow for longer service life and lower operating costs.


Curtis valves are directly interchangeable with SAF-AIR CAV-series and Auto Valve drain valves.


  • TSO-C76 Certification
  • Utilize replaceable MS29513-007 stem seal O-rings
  • Durable brass construction with stainless steel springs
  • Simple and reliable push-to-open non-locking design
  • Compatible with 1/8" pin type drain cups (see MCCCA-39680)
  • Low initial and maintenance costs


Fuel and Oil Quick Drain Valve Catalog Information 


For ordering information, go to Curtis Superior Valves.

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