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Service Bulletin SB-8: PROP GUARD


Service Bulletin 8 addresses potentially contaminated adhesive on PROP GUARD anti-abrasion boot for propellers.


McFarlane Aviation, Inc. PROP GUARD kits are produced and sold per FAA approved STC SP00582NY. The purpose of these kits is to apply an anti-abrasion material (boot) to the leading edge of most propellers used in small engine aircraft. The boot is intended to protect the leading edge of the propeller from foreign object damage (FOD).


McFarlane has received reports of recently installed boots coming loose from the propeller. After investigating, it was concluded that the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) had become sporadically contaminated during the manufacturing process. Contaminated material will manifest as the boot will become partially or entirely detached from the propeller. Boots that have not detached within the first five hours of flight, after installation, are unlikely to do so. 


Service Bulletin 8: PROP GUARD Anti-Abrasion Boot (09/29/2015)

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