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Fuel Injection/Hydraulic/Oxygen Line Union Cone


Improved design!

These braze-on 316 stainless fittings are an improvement over AN800C2 fittings commonly used on 1/8" stainless steel fuel injection, hydraulic and oxygen lines.


Improvements include:

  • Witness hole to assure complete braze penetration
  • Closer tolerance ID (0.131-0.133") to assure compatibility with close tolerance MIL-T-8504/ASTM A4632 stainless steel tubing. The precision ID provides ideal clearance for proper braze penetration.


Note: Although similar, these parts are not manufactured/certified to the AN800 spec. Fittings certified to AN800 are available upon request.


For ordering information, go to Part Number AN800C2-MOD.


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