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McFarlane's Nose Strut Seal Kit Solves the Problem

Don't waste your time with substandard seals, nothing compares!

FAA-PMA and manufactured by McFarlane.

  • Double edge ("X" style) seal that will not twist and leak!
  • Solves the continuous leak and re-service problems with the Cessna nose strut
  • Go years without servicing!


Seal Cross Section:
  New Style Seal
Old Style Seal

P/Ns MCSK172-1F 

  • FAA-PMA direct replacement for Cessna P/N SK172-1F
  • Also includes AN901-5A gasket
  • Improved lock rings are made of 304 stainless steel for better corrosion resistance.
  • Components also available separately


Why Does My Cessna Nose Strut Keep Leaking Down?

By Dave McFarlane





Maintenance Tip: 
Wipe the chrome strut down with Stoddard solvent (mineral spirits) periodically to soften and remove any dried oil film, dirt, dust, and bugs. 

To find the seal kit for your aircraft, go to Main and Nose Strut Seal Kits


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